Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology (AT) is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative technologies such as devices, equipment, apps, and software solutions to maintain, increase or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. AT is known to promote greater independence by enabling individuals to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish or could not accomplish without great difficulty. It has become a personal preference and often becomes personal equipment that an individual will use not only in the educational environment but throughout their career and daily life to improve access to all environments.

Talk with a disability specialist or request an AT demo!

SDS is here to discuss your needs and experiences and demonstrate the use of a range of AT tools to students, faculty, or staff looking to use AT themselves or with students in the classroom. Demonstrations cover how AT works and how it can accommodate users.

AT used at UMBC
AT tutorials
Free/low-cost AT apps

In addition to AT at SDS, the AOK Library offers an AT workroom available for use by persons with disabilities. For a list of AT resources available at the library, please see AOK Library Assistive Technology.

SDS works closely with students and the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) to customize and implement AT. We recommend students be familiar with the DoIT student resources website.

For more information about AT, please contact