Request for Medical Single

Requests for a single room:

A student with a disability may request a single room in a residence hall as an accommodation if it is deemed necessary by a qualified health professional. There are a limited number of single rooms available in campus housing. The student will need to submit disability documentation that supports the accommodation request when registering with the Office of Student Disability Services (SDS). Students will discuss their individual situations with an SDS Disability Specialist during intake and review possible options. Students who request and are approved for a single room as a residential housing accommodation will be given priority for single rooms as they become available. Residence Life will be notified in writing of single room approvals from SDS.

Disability documentation that would support this accommodation should include:

1) a clear statement of the condition(s), including diagnosis;

2) current functional limitation(s) imposed by the impairment and description of how it substantially limits a major life activity;

3) description of how a shared space will adversely impact the student’s ability to live in the residence hall (in the case of a single room request); and

4) supporting information regarding whether this accommodation is best conceptualized as medically necessary/required in order for the student to have equal access to the residence hall.


Please note that a request for a single room due to wanting a quiet place to study may not meet eligibility criteria for a single room based on disability. As an example, a student who requires personal medical equipment to manage his/her chronic health condition may need a single room with a private bathroom in their residence hall and a medical provider’s documentation would indicate this need.