Uploading Notes to Accommodate


 Note-takers that have been matched to class will need to follow the below instructions to upload their class notes.

  1. After you have been matched to a specific course, you will need to access your account through the external dropbox.




  1. You must use your default UMBC email address that consists of your student ID number (Ex. JW11613@umbc.edu). If you use your username email address, you will receive an error stating you must use your CampusID@umbc.edu email.


  1. Once you log-in, you will be able to upload your notes for the assigned class. Please note if you are assigned more than one class, you will need to go through the login process for each class.


  1. Please label your notes as the title of the class and the date the notes were taken:

          Ex. course number, section number, class time, date notes taken (Math 101 01 1022 11/12/16)


  1. If there are no notes for the class, in the description box, please provide the reason there were not notes uploaded. (i.e., class cancelled, test in class, or presentation in class).


  1. In the “document” section you can click on “choose file” or “large upload” to submit your notes.


  1. Please note you can scan handwritten notes in the library


  1. Once you have uploaded your notes click “submit”.


If you have trouble uploading notes please contact SDS at sdsnotetaking@umbc.edu.


Click Note Taker Notes Upload Instructions to download the PowerPoint pdf version of the above instructions with screenshots.