Study skills & aids

The following Free or Low Cost Assistive Technology software programs are available for anyone to use. The following programs, software, websites, and apps focus on different forms of Study Skills and Aids.

Study Skills & Aids:


Quizlet Logo


  • Online resource of study tools and game of virtually any educational subject
  • 7 modes including traditional flash cards allow students to study in varied ways to help master material
  • Generate your own content or use content other users have created
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Online Resource; iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch; Android

Study Blue

Study Blue Logo


  • Study virtually any topic with this on-the-go flashcard study aid
  • Create your own flash cards or use one of the over 150 million notes and cards already created by other uses
  • Test yourself and get your score of how many right and wrong, with the option to focus more on the items you don’t know
  • Study on the go using your mobile device
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Web, iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch; Android

Evernote Skitch

Evernote Skitch Logo


  • Using annotation and markup tools, make your point more easily with shapes, arrows and quick sketches
  • Use on your desktop, tablet or phone
  • Share your ideas and get your point across more clearly with ability to annotate
  • Use annotation tools to collaborate and better study course materials
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch; Android


iFlash Logo


  • Virtual flash-card program built specifically for Mac OS X with app for iOS devices
  • Record audio, attach images, use categories to create custom cards
  • Download decks of cards already created
  • Study using your iOS device or print them out for studying on the go
  • More Information:

Cost: $14.99 for iOS; Touch app – Free

Compatibility: MacOS X; iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests Logo


  • Use this flashcard system on-the-go to study any subject
  • Create, download and manipulate flashcards while studying
  • Different modes including Matching Game provide variation of learning methods
  • Integrates with Google Docs – create spreadsheets of information and upload them to the app to make your study tools
  • More Information:

Cost: Free; Pro – $3.99

Compatibility: iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch; Android

Shahi Visual Dictionary

Shahi Visual Dictionary Logo


  • Online picture dictionary great for anyone, or those with a visual learning preference or English Language Learners
  • Dictionary finds pictures from Flickr, Google and Yahoo
  • Hyperlinked words in definition are easily able to be defined with pictures
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Online Resource


iAnnotate Logo


  • Annotate PDF, Word Doc, PowerPoint, and image files with this app
  • Use the typewriter, pen, highlighter, stamp, note, underline, photo, voice and other tools to annotate your document
  • Import PDFs or compress and export for secured sharing with others
  • More Information:

Cost: Free – Android; $9.99 – iOS

Compatibility: iOS: iPad; Android