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Temporary Injury or Illness

Disability services may be available to UMBC students who need assistance accessing their courses due to a temporary physical or medical condition. Temporary medical conditions may include injuries such as a broken hand, knee surgery recovery, injured limbs, and impairments following medical treatments, or short-term illnesses such as a hospitalization for pneumonia. These temporary conditions may significantly impact major life activities and functions and thus, could require academic accommodations during a semester. These conditions are not disabilities as described under the ADA, but these conditions may make a student eligible for similar accommodations for the duration of time in which the student is impacted.

  1. A student with a temporary injury or illness would need to register with the Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) by submitting a SDS Registration form online along with supporting medical documentation of the injury/condition.
  2. The student will meet with a disability specialist for an intake appointment to discuss the condition, limitations and requested accommodations.

To assist you in obtaining documentation from your doctor or health care provider, you may ask them to complete the Temporary Injury/Condition Request Form. The student can submit this form along with the required Request for Services registration form as disability documentation.

Please note that SDS does not provide personal assistance to students such as carrying books, loans of wheelchairs or crutches, golf carts for transport, personal attendants, or other travel assistance to classrooms or to residence halls. Students with temporary injuries that impact mobility are encouraged to view the accessible campus route maps and the UMBC transportation bus stops (UMBC Accessible Campus Map).