SDS Registered Students

Staff and student meeting


Once you have completed your initial intake appointment and been approved for disability-based accommodations, you are a student “registered” with SDS. Registered students are welcome to contact SDS staff members for appointments to discuss accommodation questions or concerns year-round.

  • Accommodation questions for already registered SDS students can be answered by contacting a staff member directly through email, by contacting the SDS general office email or office phone line at (410) 455-2459, or by making an appointment in their online Accommodate student portal.

Upon accommodation approval, the next step is to have your accommodation letters sent to your faculty members. You must submit a “Semester Request” every semester you want your letters sent out.

Semester Requests

A Semester Accommodation Request must be completed for each semester a student is enrolled and seeking accommodations.

INSTRUCTIONS: The Semester Accommodation Request can be completed and submitted to SDS through Accommodate. Click “Student Accommodate Login”  to access Accommodate. The Semester Request request notifies SDS that you would like an official accommodation letter sent to your faculty member(s) and designates which accommodations and which courses you need to use them in. This is done every semester you are enrolled in courses that you would like letters sent out.

Please remember, accommodations are not retroactive. They begin when the letter is sent to the faculty member. Submitting your request at the beginning of the semester is essential for timely accommodation implementation, course access and your success. However, accommodation letters can be sent at any time during the academic year and can be revised/amended when necessary, but again, they are implemented once a letter of approval is sent from SDS to the instructor.

If a student’s status changes, such as a worsening of a medical condition, or a new diagnosis, hospitalization, change from undergraduate to graduate program, engaging in a fieldwork/internship placement, study abroad, etc., we request that you notify an SDS staff member promptly so we can best support you and determine if any change in accommodation is needed.

Testing Accommodations

Quiz/Exam Administration and Proctoring is provided to students who are registered with Student Disability Services and have been approved for testing accommodations. Students may schedule their quizzes/exams at any time during the semester.

SDS requires 2 full business days advance notice in order to ensure testing space availability and to ensure we are in receipt of the quizzes/tests. SDS encourages scheduling all quizzes and exams as soon as they are known; the course syllabus often has all dates listed for the full semester. For additional information please go to the Testing Accommodation page.

Interpreting (ASL) Requests

UMBC’s Student Disability Services (SDS) office is able to coordinate interpreters/transcribers and/or related services for deaf and hard-of-hearing individual’s communication access needs. A minimum of 4 business days are needed to fulfill interpreting requests but as much advanced notice as possible is preferred. Please schedule an appointment with the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator Mr. Michael Canale to review access needs and procedures (email or schedule using the Accommodate online portal).

**For any interpreting requests outside of the scheduled course time/class schedule, registered Deaf/HOH SDS students should complete the Interpreter/Transcriber Form.

Campus visitors/guests requesting interpreter or transcriber access: Please make accommodation requests known to the department/office they will be visiting 2 weeks in advance when possible. Departments will coordinate with SDS for accommodation provision if needed.

UMBC departments needing an interpreter or transcriber (or related communication access services) for meetings or events should coordinate with SDS at least 2 weeks in advance. Please feel free to contact the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator at any time during the semester when assistance or consultation is needed. Costs/billing and payment process for securing interpreters will be discussed at time of scheduling.

Deaf/HOH services are provided by SDS for all registered SDS students and should be initiated and requested by the student.

For departments seeking to provide access without a student/employee request, please contact the Deaf/HOH Coordinator to discuss the process for providing general accessibility. For all public events on campus, departments are encouraged to include and plan for accessibility well in advance.