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Meet Our Staff

Tawny L. McManus, Assistant Vice Provost for Accessibility & Disability Services

  • Director, Office of Student Disability Services (SDS for UMBC main & USG campuses)
  • Director/Supervisor for employee accommodation process and campus access concerns
  • Consultant for campus accessibility initiatives, specialized focus on digital accessibility
  • Reviews/Updates disability services’ policies, procedures, training, grievance and budget management
  • Liaison to UMBC University Committees, Provost’s Office, Academic Departments, Campus Offices/Programs, and the USM representing accessibility and disability perspectives
  • MD AHEAD liaison (former executive board member)


Michael CanaleMichael Canale, Assistant Director, Office of Student Disability Services (SDS)

  • Manager, Accommodated test administration for registered SDS students
  • Coordinator, Deaf and hard of hearing (DHOH) services
  • Assistive technology & IT accessibility liaison
  • Accessibility specialist (specializing in sensory impairments)
410-455-6358 (Desk)

410-688-5088 (Text, Facetime for DHOH students)

Cassie Kilroy Thompson

Cassie Kilroy Thompson, Disability Service Coordinator

  • Advising and orientation support, resources, and referrals
  • Note-taking accommodation administration
  • Disability services liaison to USG campus & DAPi Honor Society Co-Advisor
  • Disability services data management
  • Cassie KT’s Virtual Office

Valerie Valentine imageValerie D. Valentine, Disability Specialist

  • Intake & accommodation specialist
  • Faculty, Residential Life, & Dining Services accommodation consultation

Laura HesseltonLaura Hesselton, Program Management Specialist

  • Reception desk management
  • Student worker supervisor
  • Coordinator for accommodated testing
  • Student employee and note-taker payroll support

Stephanie LazarusStephanie Lazarus, Accessibility Manager and Campus ADA Coordinator

  • Faculty and staff (employee and visitor) accommodation requests
  • Campus accessibility manager for initiatives, partnerships, training, access concerns and resource referrals
  • Facilities management, environmental safety & health, and campus committee liaison
  • Maryland Department of Disabilities (MDOD), Access Maryland program liaison
  • DAPi Honor Society Co-Advisor

Joyce Trussell, Administrative Assistant II, SDS & ADS

  • Business operations and budget support
  • Financial transactions; contracts, purchasing, payments
  • Reception desk support



Monika Arumalla, Graduate Assistant

  • Note-taking administration support
  • Assistive Technology support
  • Data analysis and special project support


For general inquiry or accommodated testing questions
For note-taking inquiries