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Meet Our Staff

Tawny L. McManus:  Assistant Vice Provost for Accessibility & Disability Services
Director, Student Disability Services, Title IX Resources Team member

Michael CanaleMichael Canale: Assistant Director for Student Disability Services
Testing & Accessibility Specialist, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Coordinator, Technology Liaison
410-455-6358 (Desk)

410-688-5088 (Text, Facetime for DHOH students)
866-970-9192 (Video Phone)


Cassie Kilroy ThompsonCassie Kilroy Thompson: Disability Service Coordinator
Advising Support, Resources & Referrals, DAPi Advisor, Data Manager

Valerie ValentineValerie D. Valentine: Disability Specialist

Intake & Accommodation Specialist

Laura HesseltonLaura Hesselton: Program Management Specialist
Reception Desk Manager, Testing Coordinator, Finance & Payroll Support

Stephanie LazarusStephanie Lazarus: Campus ADA Coordinator

Office of Accessibility & Disability Services
Accessibility Manager, Facilities Management liaison

Joyce Trussell: Administrative Assistant II



Lydia Stamato: Graduate Assistant

Notetaking and Assistive Technology support

For general inquiry
For note-taking inquiry
For testing inquiry