Meet Our Staff

Welcome to the Office of Accessibility & Disability Services!

ADS & SDS staff go through extensive professional training throughout the year to ensure they are providing you the most up-to-date services related to disability support and accommodations. Our professional staff have been serving the disability community for many years professionally and have both a professional and personal commitment, connection, and passion for the work we do to support access and inclusion.


Image of Tawny McManus
Tawny L. McManus
Assistant Vice Provost for Accessibility & Disability Services (ADS)
Director, Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) UMBC main & UMBC-USG campuses
  • Administrator for Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS & SDS offices); oversight for student and employee accommodations, disability services’ operations for students/staff/visitors, campus access concerns and initiatives, and ADA compliance
  • Director of Student Disability Services office managing policies, procedures, training, grievance process, staffing, and all fiscal operations/financial and budget management
  • Liaison to University Committees, the Provost’s Office, Office of Equity & Inclusion, Human Resources, Academic & Campus Life Departments, Faculty Senate, General Counsel, Library, DO-IT, the Academic Success Center, and the University of Maryland system (USM) representing disability voices, inclusion, and accessibility awareness
  • MD AHEAD liaison (former executive board member to the Association on Higher Education & Disability in Maryland)
  • Specialized training in psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessment, digital accessibility, ADA, Section 504 & Title IX laws, and higher education administration


Michael Canale
Michael Canale
Assistant Director, Office of Student Disability Services (SDS)
410-455-6358 (Desk)
410-688-5088 (Text, Facetime for DHOH students)


  • Coordinator, Deaf and hard of hearing (DHOH) services, interpreter supervisor
  • Assistive technology, IT accessibility, and Faculty liaison for course accessibility
  • Accessibility specialist (specializing in sensory disabilities)
  • Assists Director in student grievance resolution and access and success planning
  • Trainer/Supervisor of SDS GAs for digital accessibility and course material access
  • Inclusion council representative

Cassie Kilroy Thompson

Cassie Kilroy Thompson
Assistant Director, SDS Services & Operations
Cassie KT’s Virtual Office
  • Advising and orientation support, resources, and referrals
  • Note-taking accommodation administration
  • Disability services liaison to USG campus, the Academic Success Center (ASC), & DAPi Honor Society Co-Advisor
  • Disability services data management and Accommodate software administrator
  • Manager of SDS accommodated testing administration
  • Student worker supervision

Valerie Valentine image

Valerie D. Valentine
Disability Specialist, SDS
  • Intake & accommodation specialist
  • Faculty, Residential Life, Counseling/Health, & Dining Services accommodation consultations


Stephanie Lazarus

Stephanie Lazarus
Accessibility Manager & Campus ADA Coordinator, ADS
  • Faculty and staff (employee and visitor) accommodation requests
  • Campus accessibility manager for initiatives, partnerships, training, access concerns, and resource referrals
  • Liaison to Facilities Management, Environmental Safety & Health, Human Resources, Office of Institutional Advancement, and University committees for accessibility and inclusion initiatives campus-wide
  • Maryland Department of Disabilities (MDOD), Access Maryland, and State ADA Coordinators liaison
  • DAPi Honor Society Co-Advisor


Erin Minnigh
Administrative Assistant II/Office Manager, ADS & SDS
  • Administrative support to ADS & SDS staff. Departmental operations contact.
  • Responsible for all office business services, financial, payroll, procurement, and billing/payment operations.
Carol Evans
General Assistant, Testing & Office reception
  • Administrative support for front desk reception, accommodated testing, disability documentation submission, data support, and test scheduling
  • Student worker management (office assistant and test proctor hiring, training, and daily supervision)

Part-Time SDS Staff

Priya Rajasagi  (HCC PhD graduate student)
Graduate Assistant, Assistive Technology support
  • Accessible course materials and assistive technology support
  • Accommodated testing and special project support


Julie Rosenthal
Program Management Specialist
  • Website and Social Media Management
  • Testing & reception desk support

Liz Thompson
General Assistant

  • Notetaking accommodation coordinator, SDS administrative data support, and testing accommodation support

Student Staff 2022-23:

Sumra Afzal                Niharika Bankapure

Kimi Cease                  Jason Cummings

Rebecca John              Anita Kagbude

Bargav Katikey           Sivaji Konka

Alexander Marc          Vaishnavi Patil

Garvit Patwa              Abdul Wahed

Manjiri Virkar             Harshitha Yentrapragada


General inquiry or accommodated testing questions:

Note-taking inquiries: (also see SDS notetaking webpage for questions)