Accommodate: Semester Request


Each semester you are enrolled, you must submit a “Semester Request” in our Accommodate data management system to utilize your approved accommodations. Your “Letters of Accommodations” will be emailed to you and the instructors for the courses you select in your semester request.


    1. Log in to Accommodate at or by clicking the Accommodate Student Login button at the bottom left of the SDS home page.
    2. Choose “Accommodations” on the left-side menu. 
    3. Choose “Semester Request,” then look for the black button mid-page that says “Add New.”
    4. This will direct you to a new screen where you will select the current or upcoming semester from the drop-down menu. This screen also provides a list of your SDS-approved accommodations in blue. Once you have chosen the semester, the classes you are enrolled in for the selected semester will appear. Suppose you have already submitted a Semester Request for your desired semester. In that case, you will see a message above your class list that says, “You do not have any accommodations that are eligible to renew.” Otherwise, go to the next step.
    5. You will see two buttons: “Submit for All Accommodations” and “Review Semester Request Before Submitting.” We prefer that you review your request before submitting it; however, if you are confident that there are no changes to be made to your Semester Request, click “Submit for All Accommodations.” Your semester request is now complete.
    6. If you want to review your accommodations, click “Review Semester Request Before Submitting” to remove any accommodations or deselect classes for specific accommodations. You will only see accommodations and courses for the selected semester for which you have not already submitted a request. Once you have reviewed your selections, click “Submit”.


If you have questions about completing the semester request, please email