Course Substitution Requests

The Office of Student Disability Services has provided a process for students with documented disabilities who register with the office to seek a course substitution as a disability-based accommodation for UMBC’s general education graduation requirements in mathematics or the L201 language when the student’s disability creates a barrier to participation and learning.

The steps for requesting a substitution and the supporting disability documentation required are outlined for each substitution type in our website menu; one for math and one for language.

All substitution requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will include an interactive discussion with SDS staff, a review of history and transcripts, and an evaluation process of the barriers to learning that the student and medical documentation present that may prevent the student learning math or language. Accommodation approval will be determined by the disability services professional staff substitution review team. Substitutions are not “waivers” of a graduation requirement.

Please note that American Sign Language (ASL) is accepted to meet the L201 language requirement at UMBC.