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Requesting Note-Taking Assistance

Requesting Note-taking Assistance

Once you have determined the classes that will require note-taking support, please fill out your Semester Accommodation Request. The Note-taking Assistance Guidelines and Procedures provides instructions on how to request note-taking assistance.

Class Absences

Since note-taking is an approved disability-related accommodation, notes can only be provided for absences that are related to a the student’s disability. Students who miss class for reasons that are not disability related should obtain notes from a classmate, just as any other student in class would.

Remaining Anonymous/Confidentiality

Note-takers are matched within the Accommodate system and not automatically introduced to the student for whom they are taking notes. They are not given information about the student requesting notes and are instructed to keep any knowledge they may have regarding the student with a disability confidential. Students who wish to contact their note-taker should speak with the SDS Note-taker Coordinator.

Digital Notes Delivery System

Students will access copies of course notes from peer note-takers digitally through the Accommodate system. Below is a link on how to access notes through Accommodate. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact the Note-taker Coordinator. For instructions on accessing your notes in Accommodate, click here.

*Please note- Your notes must be downloaded after each class. If you are not accessing your notes, we will assume you do not need them and will contact you to discuss cancelling the note-taker. Notes are also not stored indefinitely. They are no longer available in the online system after the semester ends.