Stress management and relaxation

The following Free or Low Cost Assistive Technology software programs are available for anyone to use. The following programs, software, websites, and apps focus on different forms of Stress Management and Relaxation Programs.


To download a printable copy with live links of the entire list, please click on the following link: Mental Health & Stress Management Apps & Podcasts

Stress Management and Relaxation:


Unstuck Logo



  • Put words to what you’re feeling – figure out what kind of “stuck” you have
  • Using the app and website’s guided questions to lead you to figuring out what you are feeling and thinking
  • Strategies provided at the end to help you overcome your “stuck” moment
  • Create a free account to keep your stuck moments saved for reference later on
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS: iPad, iPhone; Android, Online Resources

Breathing Zone

Breathing Zone Logo


  • Mindfulness in 5 minutes
  • Using the app and follow along with the easy to follow breathing guide to lower breathing rate
  • Five calming guide sounds with visual component
  • Breathing Analyzer measures your breathing rate
  • Timed sessions for breathing mindfulness
  • More Information:

Cost: $3.99

Compatibility: iOS: iPad, iPhone; Android


Momentum Logo


  • Get daily inspiration from your homepage
  • Momentum provides a daily quote and picture to help your mood, motivation, and positivity
  • Ability to add in a task list and customize the home screen for personalization
  • Plus version has the ability to sync tasks with other common task management tools
  • Plus version has additional customization features such as pictures, font, and colors
  • More Information:

Cost: Basic Version: Free; Plus Version: $2.50/month

Compatibility:Chrome Extension


Buddhify Logo


  • Increase your mindfulness and wellbeing with meditation on the go
  • 11 hours of custom meditation for different parts of your day including travel, work, sleeping and more
  • 5-30 minute sessions and solo meditation timer
  • More Information:

Cost: $4.99 – iOS; $2.99 – Android

Compatibility: iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch; Android

Guided Mind

Guided Mind Logo


  • Relax and get guided through meditations on a variety of topics
  • Step-by-step voice guided meditation
  • Short (5 mins), medium (15 min) or long (30+ min) meditations
  • Instrumental, nature soundscapes, with looping for continuous play
  • Easy to use with instructions
  • More Information:

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch