Faculty Form for Accommodated Test Submission (Pink Form)

Please fill out this RT form to submit a test to SDS for timed tests that are being administered in-person on the Main Campus.
If you have questions or concerns about administering tests and quizzes online with accommodations, please email disability@umbc.edu or call us at 410-455-2459 during regular business hours.
For in-person tests at the Shady Grove Campus, please contact the Macklin Center for Academic Success at https://shadygrove.umd.edu/student-services/center-for-academic-success/dss

{This electronic SDS Test Submission Form in RT (Request Tracker) now replaces the previously hand-written Accommodated Test Form (Pink Form)}.

Tests attached to this ticket are stored in a secure Box location.  If you do not wish to attach the test to this ticket, you must still complete the form below but you must bring the hard copy to the SDS office as soon as possible.

You may list multiple students taking the same test on this ticket. SDS will print an Accommodated Test Form for each student. For more information, see instructions and FAQ.