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Faculty Form for Accommodated Test Submission (Pink Form)

While UMBC conducts all classes remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no tests proctored physically at SDS. Accommodations will be delivered remotely online. Therefore, there is currently no need to fill out the RT form to submit a test to SDS. The information below is preserved on this page for when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and the campus reopens offices.  All SDS staff are working remotely, if you have questions or concerns about administering tests and quizzes online with accommodations, please email

Please fill out this form to submit your test to SDS. For questions, contact us directly via email at, or phone at 410-455-2459.

This electronic SDS Test Submission Form in RT (Request Tracker) now replaces the previously hand-written Accommodated Test Form (Pink Form).

If you do not wish to attach the test to this ticket, you may bring the hard copy to the SDS office.

You may list multiple students taking the same test on this ticket. SDS will print an Accommodated Test Form for each student. For more information, see instructions and FAQ.