The following Free or Low Cost Assistive Technology software programs are available for anyone to use. The following programs, software, websites, and apps focus on different forms of Communication Support.



Proloquo2Go Logo


  • Augmented and Alternative Communication tool for people who cannot speak or have difficulty speaking for themselves
  • Over 75,000 pictures to help convey any needs throughout the day
  • Free Text-to-Speech to let others hear your speech out loud
  • More Information:

Cost: Donation Program

Compatibility: iOS: iPad

TD Talk

TD Talk App Logo


  • Text-to-speech communication app
  • Create phrases and select from various voice options
  • Offers word prediction when typing
  • Customizable keyboard settings
  • More information: TD Talk Website

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS

Speech Assistant AAC

Speech Assistant AAC app logo


  • Customizable text-to-speech communication app
  • Create, categorize, and quickly access phrases
  • Can be used during phone calls
  • Adjustable voice settings
  • More information: Speech Assistant AAC Website

Cost: $19.99

Compatibility: iOS; Android


Keeble App Icon


  • Accessible keyboard
  • Customizable settings including high contrast, enlarged font, and keyboard timing options
  • Offers word prediction and works with switch access and VoiceOver
  • More information: Keeble Website

Cost: $24.99

Compatibility: iOS