Captioning/Transcription of Classroom Materials

As online and classroom content begins to increasingly include video and audio components, the University needs to ensure that these materials are accessible to its students. Under the ADA, transcription or captioning is necessary to make audio and audiovisual media content accessible to individuals with disabilities. UMBC is committed to eliminating discriminatory obstacles that may disadvantage students based on disability and seeks to create a learning environment that allows for inclusion and full participation by all students. In turn, UMBC’s Division of Information Technology is happy to announce it will now provide screencast transcription or closed captioning to help assure equal access to video resources developed by faculty.

Captioning Resources used at UMBC

  • Panopto can provide auto-captioning for your videos.  But, remember, machine-generated (automatic speech recognition) captions may need to be revised and edited. Lectures recorded in Blackboard Collaborate can be uploaded into Panopto for captions to be added and edited.

Learn how to import Collaborate recordings into Panopto to get closed captioning.

  •  Voicethread, another UMBC platform many instructors are using for recording lecture/classroom content, also has auto-captioning enabled. Wiki FAQs on using Voicethread are linked and also available on the Do-IT website.
  •  Webex assistant can be utilized for auto-captions if the class is using the Webex platform for instructor or group meetings and captioning/transcription is needed. Google Meetings also has auto-captioning tools.
  • Note: If a Deaf or hard of hearing student is enrolled in a course, the SDS Deaf & Hard of Hearing Coordinator may be contacting you to arrange for a live transcriptionist to be added to your course and will provide instructions if this type of access is necessary.
  • Other free captioning support tools outside of UMBC that are highly recommended for students and instructors include:



Do-IT Instructional Tech Tools & Resources


For other questions about captions, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services’ Deaf & Hard of Hearing Coordinator, Michael Canale at or call ext. 56358.