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Peer Note Taker Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a  peer note-taker for Student Disability Services at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. SDS is now accepting note-taker applications for the current semester/session. If you are currently registered for courses and are interested in becoming a note-taker for a student with a disability, please read the information below then fill out the application.

To qualify as a note-taker, a student must:

  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Attend class on a regular basis
  • Take clear, organized, comprehensive, and legible notes
  • Be able to scan and upload notes to Accommodate software

Note-taking assignments are based on need, so note-takers will be selected based on past performance and application criteria. Note-takers must be in the same class and section as the student with a disability requesting a note-taker. Student note-takers can sign up for a multiple classes, however there is only one note-taker per class. Once selected, students will be notified via their UMBC email with instructions in completing the next steps.

Note-takers are paid a stipend for the semester. The stipend is awarded after the end of the semester if full note-taking services were provided. Payment for services will be withheld until completion of the appropriate SDS forms and AAOU SSC payroll appointments.

This is a service to assist students with disabilities, not a part-time job on campus. If you have any further questions, please see our Note-Taker FAQ or  contact us at

Please Note! The application process has changed. Please fill out the form below for each course in which you would like to be a note-taker. In order to get a new form each time, you can refresh the browser page.

**Note** Some users are experiencing trouble with our Google Form Note-taker Application. If you are not able to see or access the Google form below, please try first signing into myUMBC in Google Chrome, then going to the SDS website, then navigating to this page. If you still can’t access the form, try opening another UMBC Google Application in your browser (i.e. UMBC Gmail, UMBC Gcalendar…), then refresh the tab for the SDS peer note-taking application. The form will usually appear. We apologize for this problem, and are working to resolve it.