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Semester Requests

A Semester Accommodation Request must be completed for each semester a student is enrolled and seeking accommodations. The Semester Accommodation Request can be completed and submitted to SDS through Accommodate. Click on the icon under “Student Accommodate Login” on the left sidebar to access Accommodate

Testing Accommodations

Quiz/Exam Administration is provided to students who are registered with Student Disability Services and have been approved for testing accommodations. Students may schedule their quizzes/exams at anytime during the semester. SDS requires 2 full business days advance notice in order to ensure testing space availability and to ensure we are in receipt of the quizzes/tests. SDS encourages scheduling all quizzes and exams as soon as they are known; the course syllabus often has all dates listed for the semester.

Test Administration

Shady Grove Students: To take at quiz/exam at Shady Grove, please click on the link Taking a Quiz/Exam with SDS at Shady Grove.

There are four ways to schedule quizzes and exams:

The scheduling request can be submitted in

1). person,  2). by phone 410-455-2459,  3.) by email at, or  4). online through Accommodate (click on the icon under “Student Accommodate Login” on the left sidebar to access Accommodate)

SDS Testing Hours

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday

If your exam is on:                       Please schedule your exam by the prior:

Monday                                        Thursday

Tuesday                                        Friday

Wednesday                                   Monday

Thursday                                       Tuesday

Friday                                            Wednesday

Test Administration Policy

  • Examinees are responsible for scheduling testing appointments and notifying instructors of test dates.
  • Books, coats, backpacks, and other personal items must be stored in SDS main office located in M/P 212.
  • Cell phones and audible pagers must be turned off prior to entering the testing room and stored in the SDS main office.
  • Arrive on time. Arrivals after 15 mins late for regular quizzes/exams and 30 mins late for finals are considered “no show” and may only reschedule with the permission from your instructor.
  • All food, drink, and tobacco are prohibited in the testing room.
  • Allowable materials in the testing room are those authorized by the instructor or disability specialist.
  • The testing room must be quiet at all times.
  • All testing materials including scratch paper must be turned into SDS staff.
  • Testing must be completed by 4:30pm.
  • If the SDS test proctor has reason to believe that a student is cheating on a test, the proctor will be permitted to take the entire test. In addition, the incident will be documented and the professor notified immediately!

Interpreting Requests

UMBC’s Student Disability Services (SDS) is able to coordinate interpreters/transcribers and/or related services for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. A minimum of 4 business days are needed to fulfill interpreting requests. Please complete the Interpreter/Transcriber Form.

Campus visitors who need an interpreter or transcriber  should make their request known to the department they will be visiting 2 weeks in advance. UMBC departments needing an interpreter or transcriber (or related services) should coordinate with SDS 2 weeks in advance but may contact the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator at any time during the semester when assistance is needed.